Friday, November 7, 2014

The Beauty and Brutality of Alaskan Weather

Blue skies and calm seas one minute and monsoon like conditions the next. Such is what to expect in the Gulf of Alaska where the wind blowing north has nothing to inhibit it in some areas literally all the way down to Antarctica. While summer marine conditions typically calm themselves to make for a fantastic paddling season, we occasionally are reminded of the awesome power mother nature has in store for us from time to time.

The following photos were taken from an early June Sunny Cove Sea Kayaking five day kayak camping expedition that was extended an extra day due to one such storm. For four days, nothing but beautiful blue skies and pond like water made this one of the best experiences of my guiding career. And when our fifth and final day came, so did the weather! Fortunately for us, our location inside Northwestern Fjord in Kenai Fjords National Park provided mountain protection on all sides so all we felt was a little rain. But being a four hour boat ride in open ocean from Seward, our ride home could not quite make the trip to pick us up with 30+ knot winds and over 12-13 foot waves.

But no worries friends; the weather died down the following day and we made our way home safely. Equipped with spare food and plenty of shelter and water, our crew got to sit back and enjoy an extra day in a beautiful place baring witness to both the beauty and brutality of wild Alaskan weather. And it sure was a treat to behold.

~ Danny

Paddle Safety Talk Before Embarking on the First Day of Kayaking

Curious Group of Stellar Sea Lions 
Bald Eagle

Great View of a Tidewater Glacier

Making our Way Through Northwester Fjord

Up Close and Personal with Northwestern Glacier

Bergy Bits Floating Through the Fjord

Northwestern Glacier

Harbor Seal Working on its Tan