Sunday, August 8, 2010

Five days in wonderland

A magical morning welcomed our third day of paddling. Friend Harry Brod was back for another Northwestern adventure bringing with him the Tuttle and Singer families and his girlfriend Courtney Cox.

We got to experience a mix of weather. Good rain gear is a must for a comfortable trip.

 We didn't let a bit of rain limit the fun... The fjord was absolutely beautiful with mist, waterfalls and bergy bits.

We had a sunny day to break camp for a move to a new campsite closer to Harris Bay.

It's amazing to think this was all under ice 75 years ago...

Beach time... Jack and Allan brought guitars...

Two serenity shelters kept bugs to a minimum.. Really good food kept us fueled.

It seemed all to soon that we were packing up for our charter boat to pick us up. Another great trip.


Friday, August 6, 2010

Northwestern Fjord 7.26-7.28

The first day of our 3-day adventure arrived with low clouds and rain, enshrouding our camp in a beautiful mist.

The rain didn't stop us from paddling.  We just threw on our rain gear and headed down the coast!  Audrey shows us the way...
The next morning, we peered out of our tents to see the clouds breaking!

Audrey and I put the coffee on before heading out for a full day paddle.
We headed out towards Anchor and Ogive glaciers making our way towards Northwestern Glacier.

Heading towards our landing for lunch.

Sun...smoked salmon...and the view!
The afternoon was filled with curious harbor seals...
and crackling bergy bits.
Eventually we had to head back to camp (even though we didn't want to).

Day three we packed up camp before paddling a short distance to the beach at Southwestern Glacier.

Pictures just don't do justice for the size of this thing!
Eventually we had to head back to load our gear onto our ride home.

Goodbye Northwestern Fjord!!