Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Photos from Lowell Point, Tonsina Point and Caines Head

Located two miles south of Seward is Lowell Point, an eclectic beach community overlooking Resurrection Bay.

Some are lucky enough to have Lowell Point for a summer home. SC guide Brett Manary heading out for a paddle.

Lowell Point is the end of the road for this side of the Kenai Peninsula and the gateway to Caines Head State Recreation area. Sunny Cove offers 3 hour paddles to Tonsina Point and full day paddle/hike trips to Caines Head. 

This Tonsina beach photo was taken last fall.

The tree framing the picture is part of a ghost forest. During the 1964 earthquake Tonsina Point dropped approximately 6 feet putting the tree roots into salt water. The salt killed the tree but preserved the wood leaving us 46 year old standing deadwood.

Caines Head offers great hiking. Trails meander along the coast mixing temperate rain forest hiking with beach walking.

The main trail out to Caines Head is tidally affected with portions passable only at low tide. It’s a great overnight backpack.

Little creeks meander through the Sitka spruce, devils club and blueberries toward the ocean.

It’s possible to find some very pretty waterfalls tucked just off the trail. 

North Beach at Caines Head has an historic pier which was built in 1941 to enable construction of Fort McGilvray. The fort was built to guard the entrance to Resurrection Bay and the port of Seward during World War II.

Fort McGilvary sits atop Caines Head 650 feet above Resurrection Bay. Bring your flashlight to explore the underground Fort. The views from eastern gun mount are spectacular.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sunny Cove staff training

Season is upon us. As the days grow longer life gets busier. Staff training kicks off startup. Ten full on days of learning, practicing and exploring.

From wind and weather discussions on the Lowell Point beach …

To presentations on natural history on the Resurrection River trail …

Nothing is overlooked … guides even practice cooking for our kayak/camping and day trips.. we’ve got a great new menu. Gunnar, Mike , Nick and Tom cooking.

We also practice rescues both in the pool and in Resurrection Bay. We rarely have to rescue anyone but if needed we’ve got it down.

We got lucky on weather ... Lowell Point flat calm and sunny

We still had a bit of time for fun .. Operations Manager Stephanie Millane showing the latest hoop moves.

Not to be outdone Office Manager Kat Chandler demonstrates orca riding.