Monday, August 4, 2008

Aialik Bay 7.31-8.02.08

Our trip was fantastic! We had a great crew...Karl and Craig, father and son, Harry and Susan, seasoned paddlers, Melissa and Ken, first timers to AK, Sarah, solo backpacking through AK and Thom, my brother, kidnapped for a birthday trip.

Jillyin Flecker kayaking at Holgate Glacier, Seward, AK

Here's co-guide posing in front of Holgate Glacier. We had perfect weather this day with a bit of sun, minimal wind and comfortable temperatures.
Kayaking in Pederson Lagoon, Seward, AK

Jillyin gets a photo of Sarah and Thom in front of a huge berg in Pederson.

Our second day we paddled into Pederson Lagoon. This is always a highlight, even for the guides, mostly because we can't always make it into this special place. The tide has to be just right for this option to work out in our favor.

Pederson Bergs.

Glassy waters of Pederson.

The crew exiting Pederson Lagoon.

Jillyin with Ken and Melissa in Aialik Bay.

Tufted Puffin

Paddling the sea cave at Holgate Head.

Our third day was a bit soggier than the rest...but that didn't ruin our fun. After a short morning paddle we load up onto the Stellar Explorer for our wildlife cruise back into town.

Sea Otter

Sea Lions basking in the sun.


Saturday, August 2, 2008

Northwestern Fjord - July 11-15 2008

Northwestern Fjord is one of my favorite places. This July we had 5 great days of paddling and exploring.

Mark and Joan joined Sunny Cove Office Manager Kat Chandler and I for a week of adventure.

One of the residents we ran into was a swimming, rock climbing black bear.

Our serenity shelter provided comfortable surroundings for evening meals and breakfasts.

Lunch locations varied but were always spectacular.

Nothing like having your own beach. Incredible place and trip.